Beautique exclusively uses Kevin Murphy COLOR.ME.

COLOR.ME is born from KEVIN.MURPHY’S vision of fusing session work, fashion, and hair color. This compact color line delivers high performance, natural-looking results, and optimum color functionality. An artful blend of gentle and “from the earth” ingredients naturally moisturize, rejuvenate, and impart incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment. What goes inside the tube is just as important as the color it creates. The choices we made are PPD-free, ammonia-free and include naturally derived ingredients like aloe vera, honey, shea butter, and pomegranate.

Hair Color & Hair Cutting Services.
Haircut with a Blowout $60
Haircut without a Blowout $45
Men's Haircut $37
Haircut Child (under 12) $25
Demi-Color $85
Color Roots Only $60
Single-Process Color $85
Double-Process Color $105
Mini Foil $50
Partial Foil $110
Full Foil $145
Partial Balayage $135+ *
Full Balayage $165+
Color Correction priced upon consultation
* Our most popular color service
Blowout/Dry styles (See below for our full menu)
Updo (See our bridal page for more info) $75
Braid or Bun $25
Add Ons.  
Toner $20
Gloss $20
Conditioning Treatments $15
Trim $20
Hot Tool Style $10
Brazilian Blowout $350
JBeverly Hills Smoothing Treatment $150
Hair Extensions priced upon consultation.

To Balayage the hair is to use a brush to hand-paint lightener onto a section of hair using singles, slants, and Vs. The designers use a "sweeping" motion to apply lightener from thin at the roots to thicker towards the ends. It is free-form, hand-painted highlight, which looks naturally sun-bleached. As the hair grows out, the root will be concealed for the first few months by the thinner color applied to the base of the hair. Unlike foiled highlights, which look very uniform and a bit unnatural, hair that has been subjected to balayage simply looks like it has been out in the sun. The highlights can be subtle or more intense, depending on the desires of the client, and balayage isn't just for blondes: it can also be applied to brunette and red hair.

Blow Out Bar Menu

*Kevin murphy Dry Shampoo is recommended to prolong the life of any of our specialty blow outs.

Dry Style Bar STRAIGHT UP.
Sleek & smooth hair. A 'do that will tame even the wildest of manes. Flat iron.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 45 min. / $45
On clean, dry hair 15 min. / $15

Whether you want SoHo chic, soft beach babe waves, or sexy curly qs, this style will keep your locks bouncing and heads turning. Curling Iron.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 45 min. / $45
On clean, dry hair 15 min. / $15

Channel your inner rock star with this va-va voluminous 'do!
All about texture and sex appeal. Be prepared to be envied. Beach spray, curling iron, tease.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 30 min. / $35
On clean, dry hair 15 min. / $15

Simple elegance mixed with a touch of volume.
This 'do can transition from business to cocktail party in a shake. Blowout.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 30 min. / $30

Hair styling for a night out on the town or a special occasion. Choose from a low, sassy 'do, the perfect ponytail, a loose and lowside bun, waterfall braids, or a high, tousled bun… the list goes on and on! Select any of these hair styles or check out our Pinterest Cosmopolitan Board for ideas. Create your own or leave it to our talented and artistic hair stylists.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 45 min. / $45+
On clean, dry hair 15 min / $15+

Dry Style Bar
A unique blowout that will bring your hair from boring to bombshell. Five round brushes will be strategically set and warmed to create the ultimate in volume and bounce. This is ideal for medium-to-long hair.
With shampoo, conditioner, and blowout: 45 min. / $40

This luxury treatment is done with the Brazilian Blowout products. Deep conditioning mask is applied and set into hair with gentle heat and then hair is styled and set straight or in curls. This style can last up to one week, and soft, silky results will linger far beyond!* The cost of this service may be applied to a Brazilian blowout if a desired result is achieved. A great way to try the service!
1 hr. $100

Hair Extensions.
Hair Extensions Ever find yourself enviously gazing at long, full locks? Your wish can come true with hair extensions! Seamless application and natural finish, these expertly applied extensions can add length and fullness, texture and wave, or shape to hair in transition of length. Turn that bob into a mane! If your existing hair is at little as 3 inches long, you can get extensions, although the extent of your transformation may be limited if your hair is very short. If you only need a boost for a special event, extensions can even be clipped in. You can add highlights or color--with shades ranging from mild to wild--to your hair with the use of extensions. The process isn't painful, and our beaded technique causes less damage than traditional extensions.

Priced upon consultation
  • For just Individual strand of hair: $10.
  • Full head for added length and volume is an average of 80-100 strands (an average of 2-3 hours), plus the cost of hair,
  • $3 per strand.
  • Just for fullness: $10 a strand, anywhere from 10-80 pieces.
  • Install is $125 an hour.
  • Consult is $50, which goes towards the service.

brazilian blowout

Hair ExtensionsThe one, The only...
The original brazilian blow out!

Don't be fooled by imitators. This is the #1 choice for celebrities, actors, and models the world over. Voted the best professional smoothing treatment 3 years in a row (American Salon). Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!

What makes our professional smoothing treatments different?They are the ONLY professional smoothing treatments that actually improve the health of the hair. And the best thing? No down time! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air dry your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail, or clip and it will be smooth, frizz-free, and radiant! Results last up to 12 weeks. Açai aftercare products ensure longest lasting results.

See before & after pictures on their facebook page from their fans.
Priced Upon Consultation
Price depends on length of hair $350+