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We specialize in stunningly beautiful eyes.
There are endless choices for us to create any look you desire, from a subtle and natural soft brown to daring lengths of dramatic black. The first step is a design consultation where we assess your aye and face shape, lifestyle preference and decide the perfect set designed just for you. As we start, you'll close your eyes and we place small pads below your lashes. Then one single lash is isolated from the others and a single lash extension is placed directly onto that natural lash. This process is repeated, alternating between eyes to maintain symmetry. While it can be a long process, it is a relaxing experience. We pamper our clients with a warm contoured bed and light music - which sometimes makes you fall right asleep.

newburyport salon Watch my award winning lash tutorial to see how lash extensions are done newburyport salon


lashes bna

lashes bna
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Lash Sets

A set is required for your first visit. After that you will need to maintain your chosen eye lash extension set with fill services spaced approximately 3 - 5 weeks apart.
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newburyport salon Classic Lashes $250-350

These light weight synthetic mink lashes come in a variety of lengths thicknesses and degrees of curl. Classic lashes are done by placing one extension to one individual natural lash to create a natural looking fullness and curl and the look of a perfectly applied coat of mascara.. Classic sets are between 100-150 lashes per eye and need to be maintained every three weeks with Regular Fills.

newburyport salon Ultra Full Set $350-400

These light weight synthetic mink lashes come in a variety of lengths thicknesses and degrees of curl. Ultra full sets are done by using a stacking technique, synthetic or real mink lashes are layered into your set to create the ultimate in classic lash fullness. Ultra full sets are between are between 150- 200 lashes per eye and need to be maintained every four weeks with Max Fills.

newburyport salon Volume Lash Set $400-475

Lash guru and Beautique owner Leah Lynch is currently one of only a hand full of lash artists from across the world offering the newest technique to hit the market "Volume lashes"! This exciting new technique is storming the market and will quickly begin to replace old methods of 1 by 1 lash extension. Using the most light weight and damage free extensions on the market, Delicate hand made fans of lashes are applied to your natural lashes to create volume and softness only dreamed of before! Never have lash extensions been so safe, soft and natural. All lengths and degree of curl are available to create looks from subtle to sultry and anything in between!

newburyport salon Fills (every 3-5 weeks)

Fills include a partial removal of any loose lashes and a replacement of lost lashes between fills. We recommend Max fills for those who like to maintain an ultra full set look, or for those who chose to go longer between fills. Chose from Silk Mink, Mink Novalash, or a 50/50 blend.

Mini Fill - 45 mins $60-80
Regular Fill - 60 mins $70-90
Max Fill - 75 mins $80-100
Volume Fill- 90 mins $100-135

newburyport salon Lash and Brow Tinting

This simple 30 minute service gives the illusion of additional length and fullness and provides are rich dark finish that mimic the look of mascara. Great alternative to make up and perfect for vacations. Brow tinting helps to enhance the fullness and shape of the brow and brings back a youthful appearance.

30 mins upper and lower lashes introductory price of $40
Lower lashes only 15 mins introductory price of $20
Brows 30 mins introductory price $35 (does not include shaping/waxing)

newburyport salon Lash Fix $149

A lash fix is reserved for both existing clients who have less than 5 lashes at the time of their fill, and new clients coming from other lash artists. Please let the desk know if this service is required to leave extra time.

newburyport salon Lash Removal $60

If you are coming to us from another lash artist, we may recommend lash extension removal prior to a new application with us. We strongly suggest that you do not remove lashes yourself so you do not damage your natural lashes.

newburyport salon Patch test $30

If you are concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction we can do a patch test. We will do one eye with the regular adhesive and the other with sensitive bond. Three lashes per eye will be applied and we'll wait to see if an adverse reaction occurs. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies you may want to consider this.

newburyport salon Add-Ons

Collagen Eye Treatment (during lash application) $5
Paraffin Hand treatment $15
*NEW* Lash Bump/Mink Top Coat $10
NEW Lower Lashes $30
Lower Lash Dip (semi-permanent mascara) $20
Dramatic Ultra Curl
Crescent lashes (thinner at the base)

Complimentary Add-Ons
Silk Mink extension options:
Chocolate brown or black or 12 fun colors
Silk or 100% genuine Siberian Mink fur**
Lengths 7 - 15mm, thickness 0.10 - 0.25mm
Black + (your color choice) two tone
Dramatic Ultra Curl
Crescent lashes (thinner at the base)

*Siberian Mink fur lashes are triple sanitized and are acquired through the natural shedding process. They are hypoallergenic and no animals are harmed. These naturally beautiful lashes are ultra thin and vary in thickness and curl. The shine and feel is incredible and the look is extremely natural and soft.

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We take great care to ensure that all of our services are done safely and with your well being in mind. If eyelash extensions are improperly applied they can badly damage your natural lashes. The same goes for cheap low grade adhesives. We do Significant research on the brands, lash extensions, tools, eye pads, accessories, and aftercare that we provide at Beautique. We accept nothing but the best in technique and highest quality products for your beautiful eyes. For instance, we only use pharmaceutical grade adhesives, made in the USA at FDA regulated facilities. If you have sensitive skin, eyes, or allergies we'll discuss options to avoid negative reactions.

Best Newburyport Med Spa

You should arrive for your set or fill with CLEAN lashes, no under eye cream, lash conditioners, makeup or liner. Be aware that you should not shower, swim, or have contact with steam for 12 hours after your application.

  • After 12 hours has passed from the application, you may wet and cleanse the lashes as you would your own. DO NOT avoid washing lashes or let makeup, mascara, or liner sit on them overnight! Use both an approved makeup remover, such as Novalash's Lash Clean, and an approved facial cleanser to suit your skin type. This is important for the health of your natural lashes & to keep the eye area clean.

  • If you chose to wear liner or mascaras, make sure they are neither waterproof, nor water resistant. We carry Novalash Lash Liner and mascaras if you wish to insure the longevity of your new extensions.

  • The lashes we apply will stay in place through steam rooms, chlorine/salt water, and your natural lash cycle. Of course you may lose a few lashes particularly on the side of your face you sleep on. Be gentle with the lashes and avoid picking or pulling them. Removing them without professional assistance may damage your natural lashes in the process.

  • Most clients also choose to use a lash enhancing conditioner to ensue the health of, and increase the growth of their natural lashes while the extensions are in place. Latisse is safe to use, although we normally recommend the less expensive OTC conditioner, Lipocis. Supplements like Biotin also promote the healthy growth of lashes.

  • Please be advised that it is not recommended to exceed twice the length or thickness of your natural lashes as heavy extensions can put strain on them over time and cause the lash set to not last as long as they typically would.

  • If you find yourself in the habit of picking or pulling on the lashes it is advisable not to continue this service as repeated plucking may cause damage to the hair follicles.

Best Newburyport Med Spa

A lash artist can only be as good as the products she uses. That is why we've done significant research to find the highest quality eyelash extensions and related products to give you a fantastic look.

Silk/Mink lashes  
Silk/Mink lashes are half the weight and the same thickness of a standard lash extension. The light feel will make the lashes more natural looking, comfortable, fluffy, and feminine. These compressed silk fiber lashes are twice as flexible and have twice the shine of regular lash extensions. Silk/Mink lashes are also available in many lengths to create a more natural progression of length and are made of multiple levels of curl as opposed to only two, which is common with many lash companies.

Novalash Extensions Newburyport

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