Swedish Massage: Smooth gliding strokes to promote circulation and relaxation.
120 mins. $200 / 90 mins. $110 / 60 mins. $95

Deep Tissue Massage: Elongated strokes with a combination of trigger point, neuromuscular therapy and other therapeutic techniques used to address and relieve body tension.
120 mins. $200 / 90 mins. $110 / 60 mins. $95

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage:
Smooth gliding strokes to relieve circulation and tension. Available only after your first trimester.
90 mins. $110 / 60 mins. $95

Sports Massage: Facilitated PNF stretching along with a deep tissue massage. In addition to a paraffin treatment and hot stones to help relieve sore muscles.
90 mins. $150 / 60 mins. $100

Targeted Massage: A massage to address specific muscle tension, ie. Neck and shoulder, lower back and hamstrings etc.
30 mins. / $50

Tranquility Massage:
A therapeutic massage integrating hot stones, aromatherapy, and a paraffin foot wrap.
90 mins. $150 / 60 mins. $120

La Stone Massage: Hot basalt stones are carefully placed to open up energy pathways and promote circulation. You will feel relaxed with a therapeutic massage in combination with these stones.
90 mins. $155

Massage Add-on: Enjoy a hand and/or foot massage while you are having your lashes done or any other service.
20min. $40