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Lashes at BeautiqueBeautique is home to some of the most experienced, highly trained, and award-winning artists in New England. Owner Leah Lynch is a lash extension veteran with over 12 years in the lash industry, which is only 2 years shy of its introduction to the United States!

Leah is not only an accomplished lash artist with clients who travel from miles around, but she is also a lash trainer and has created a national training academy for eyelash extension where she also trains other amazing artists from all over the country to teach in her methods and techniques. Leah is the author of many lash-related publications and editorial pieces, and has a focus on safety in application and safety for the working artist. All of the Beautique artists are all graduates of Leah’s lash trainings and hold her Lash Safety Certification to ensure the safe application of your lashes.

New to lash extensions and have some questions? Please review our FAQs and Pre & Post Care below

Are you a licensed professional looking to learn lash extensions yourself? Please take a look at our Lash Education page. 

Classic Full Set $250
Hybrid Full Set $300
Volume Full Set $350
Mini Fill $55
Classic Fill $70
Hybrid Fill $80
Max Fill $80
Volume Fill $100
Classic Full Set $300
Hybrid Full Set $350
Volume Full Set $400
Mega Volume Full Set $475
Mini Fill $85
Classic Fill $110
Hybrid Fill $120
Max Fill $120
Volume Fill $130
Mega Volume 1.5 hour Fill $145
Lash Tinting $45
Lower Lash Tinting $20
Brow Tinting (does not include shaping) $20
Lash Lift and Tint $105
Lash Fix $150
Lash Removal $75
Brow Threading $30
Brow Henna $50
Brow Threading & Henna $65
Brow Lamination $95
Brow Tinting $30
Brow Dye $40



A set is required for your first visit. After that, you will need to maintain your chosen eye lash extension set with fill services spaced approximately 2 - 4 weeks apart.

See example photos here.

Lash Lift and Tint 1hr $95

This hot new service is taking the lash world by storm! A major upgrade from the traditional “lash perm” lash lifting or “dolly lift” is a more subtle, beautiful and longer lasting service. Choose from tight medium or loose curl to suit your style preference and tints can be done jet black, black or brown. Give the illusion of longer thicker and fuller lashes without the maintenance of extensions. This service is recommended to be done every 8 weeks.


These lightweight, synthetic mink lashes come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and degrees of curl. Classic lashes are done by placing one extension to one individual natural lash to create natural-looking fullness and curl and the look of a perfectly applied coat of mascara. Classic sets are more natural-looking with between 100-150 lashes per eye and need to be maintained with “Classic Fills.”


market and has quickly begun to replace old methods of 1 by 1 lash extension. Using the most lightweight and damage-free extensions on the market, delicate handmade fans of lashes are applied to your natural lashes to create volume and softness only dreamed of before! Never have lash extensions been so safe, soft, and natural. All lengths and degree of curl are available to create looks from subtle to sultry and anything in between! Volume lashes can be done either naturally or dramatically. Upwards of 300-400 lashes are applied per eye and volume fills need to be maintained with a volume fill. (Or upgrade any of our shorter fills to volume for $10.)


Fills include a partial removal of any loose lashes and a replacement of lost lashes between fills. Please be aware that you should not try to space your fills too far apart. Fill timing is mostly dependent on home care, sleeping habits, and natural shedding processes. If you arrive for your fill with less than half of your full set remaining, this can start a bad cycle of not being full enough. You should come for your fill BEFORE you begin to notice you are sparse.


A lash fix is reserved for both existing clients who have fewer than 5 lashes at the time of their fill, and new clients coming from other lash artists. Please let the desk know if this service is required to leave extra time.


If you are coming to us from another lash artist, we may recommend lash extension removal prior to a new application with us. We strongly suggest that you do not remove lashes yourself so you do not damage your natural lashes.


If you are concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction, we can do a patch test. We will do one eye with the regular adhesive and the other with sensitive bond. Three lashes per eye will be applied and we'll wait to see if an adverse reaction occurs. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you may want to consider this.


  • Lower Lash Extensions  $30
  • Lash Tint  $35 (can be done over extensions for added drama or to color lower lashes)
  • Volume Lashes (added to a shorter fill) $10
  • Glitter Lashes $5 for 3 - $10 for 6
  • Colored Lash Highlights, Streaks $5
  • Flat Lashes $5 (add more fullness and darkness to classic sets)
  • Mega Volume (15 min of time added to a volume fill) $35


This simple and quick service gives the illusion of additional length and fullness and provides a rich, dark finish that mimics the look of mascara. Great alternative to makeup and perfect for vacations. Brow tinting helps to enhance the fullness and shape of the brow and brings back a youthful appearance.


Q: How long do lash extensions last?
A: Clients usually go between three and five weeks between fills.

Q: What are the lashes made of?
A: A lightweight, flexible plastic that holds its curl and is tapered like a real, natural lash.

Q: Do they come in different lengths (or curl, thickness, color, glitter, etc.)?
A: Lashes are made in a wide variety of curls, thicknesses, and lengths as well as colors. During your consultation, your artist will design the set that best suits your desired look, eye shape, and lifestyle.

Q: How long is the service appointment?
A: A full classic set can take two to two-and-a-half hours and a fill is around one to one-and-a-half hours, depending on how many lashes you need and want.

Q: Can I have a reaction?
A: As with all cosmetics, there is a possibility of a reaction. Do you have any sensitivities to Band-Aids, adhesives, or latex? If you’re unsure, you can come in for a patch test.

Q: Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?
A: When properly applied and cared for, lash extensions can be worn for years on end without damage to the natural lashes.

Q: What is the adhesive made out of?
A: Cyanoacrylate and it contains no formaldehyde.

Q: What if I have to sneeze or go to the bathroom during the service?
A: Please just let your artist know, so she can remove her tweezers and help you to the ladies room.

Q: What if the lash extensions are too long?
A: Unfortunately, they cannot be trimmed after applied, so be sure to communicate what look you want to your artist during your consultation.

Q: What do I have to do to take care of them?
A: You must cleanse your lashes daily and brush them to untangle when dry. We will provide you with the brush to do so. Other than that, you just need to be gentle with them and be careful when sleeping.

Q: How should I sleep?
A: We recommend sleeping on your back. If you are a side-sleeper, we suggest a lash pillow, or if you are a stomach sleeper, we suggest a sleep mask.

Q: What is the difference between classic and volume?
A: Classic lashes are the traditional, one-to-one extensions, applied to every lash. Volume extensions are handmade fans of two or more lashes that are applied to every lash for added softness and fullness that are more lightweight and flexible than traditional one-to-one classic extensions.

Q: Can I swim? Salt or chlorine water? Goggles?
A: You can swim in both salt and chlorine water, but we do suggest washing your lashes as soon as possible afterwards. Wearing goggles is recommended as they will protect your lashes, which will maintain good retention.

Q: Is there latex in the eye pads or adhesive?
A: Depending on what eye pads your artist uses, this may be so. Make sure to let your artist know that you have a latex allergy during your consultation.


You should arrive for your set or fill with CLEAN lashes, no under eye cream, lash conditioners, makeup, or liner. Be aware that you should not shower, swim, or have contact with steam for 12 hours after your application.

  • After 12 hours has passed from the application, you may wet and cleanse the lashes as you would your own. DO NOT avoid washing lashes or let makeup, mascara, or liner sit on them overnight! Use both an approved makeup remover, such as Novalash's Lash Clean, and an approved facial cleanser to suit your skin type. This is important for the health of your natural lashes and to keep the eye area clean.
  • If you chose to wear liner or mascaras, make sure they are neither waterproof, nor water-resistant. We carry Novalash Lash Liner and mascaras if you wish to ensure the longevity of your new extensions.
  • The lashes we apply will stay in place through steam rooms, chlorine/salt water, and your natural lash cycle. Of course, you may lose a few lashes, particularly on the side of your face you sleep on. Be gentle with the lashes and avoid picking or pulling them. Removing them without professional assistance may damage your natural lashes in the process.
  • Most clients also choose to use a lash-enhancing conditioner to ensue the health of, and increase the growth of, their natural lashes while the extensions are in place. Latisse is safe to use, although we normally recommend the less expensive OTC conditioner, Lipocis. Supplements like Biotin also promote the healthy growth of lashes.
  • Please be advised that it is not recommended to exceed twice the length or thickness of your natural lashes, as heavy extensions can put strain on them over time and cause the lash set to not last as long as they typically would.
  • If you find yourself in the habit of picking or pulling on the lashes it is advisable not to continue this service as repeated plucking may cause damage to the hair follicles.