Massage & Body Work

Massage and Bodywork at Beautique

Massage therapy is a deeply stress relieving, therapeutic and beneficial service that provides tangible physical benefits. The benefits vary from person to person, but in every case, the therapeutic benefits are valuable, meaningful and relaxing!

Massage and Bodywork at Beautique

Swedish Massage: Smooth gliding strokes to promote circulation and relaxation.
120 mins. $170 / 90 mins. $130 / 60 mins. $100

Deep Tissue Massage: Elongated strokes with a combination of trigger point, neuromuscular therapy and other therapeutic techniques used to address and relieve body tension.
120 mins. $170 / 90 mins. $130 / 60 mins. $100

Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage: Smooth gliding strokes to relieve circulation and tension. Available only after your first trimester.
90 mins. $130 / 60 mins. $100

Targeted Massage: A massage to address specific muscle tension, ie. Neck and shoulder, lower back and hamstrings etc.
120 mins. $170 / 90 mins. $130 / 60 mins $100 /45 mins. $80


IET Therapy: Integrated energy therapy combines multiple forms of energy rebalancing to free the mind and body from what doesnt serve you.
60 mins. $100



CBD Pain relieving treatment: $20

Hot Stones: $10

Massage by Erin

I have been searching for a massage place for years, and was so happy to have finally experienced a massage in which I could truly relax, and where the masseuse knew exactly what she was doing. Unlike other massage artists who just say that they'll work out any knots, or identify where you "hold tension," and then give a generic massage, Erin seems to have developed expertise and intuition around where your body most needs work. Thank you! 

Ettya F. Massage